A Better Way
to Eat Beef


Carman Ranch raises cattle to restore the wild grasslands of eastern Oregon. They believe that sustainable beef is not only possible, but necessary. The planet depends on it.




Food Can be the Solution

Cory Carman has ranching in her DNA. But her mission is so much bigger than selling beef. See how she’s changing the future of food.

Soil Underpins Life

Healthy soil makes life on this planet possible. Carman Ranch believes cattle are key to maintaining soil health. Learn how they do it.


Less, But Better

Sourcing director Taylor Lanzet spent two years seeking a ranch that shared our sustainability standards. Then she met Cory. Read her story.



Now Serving:

Bavette Steak
Skirt Steak

We created the Butcher Block to promote small farms, like Carman Ranch, that exemplify our standards for sustainable meat production. The menu is based on what the farmers want to sell, so supply is often limited and sometimes we’ll sell out.

But that’s the whole point.

When it comes to meat, we believe in “less, but better”. Through the butcher block, you can enjoy the best beef on the market and make every bite count.

The Butcher Block is currently available at NYC locations for in-restaurant orders only.

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